We who are behind Marakesh are a small family with Moroccan roots and of course with a great passion for Morocco’s rich culture. After regular trips to the homeland since childhood, it becomes virtually impossible to escape the discovery of North Africa’s beauty secrets. It thus became a matter of course for us to found MARAKESH to share these with us. With our exclusive range, you now also have the opportunity to use the beauty products that have been used extensively by North Africans for centuries, as well as to experience an exotic hammam experience in your own bathroom.


We are extremely proud of our collaboration with a respected women’s cooperative in Morocco that encourages women of all ages to work. We have personally interviewed these women to ensure fair conditions at work. According to the workers, the women’s cooperative has given them a job opportunity they otherwise would not have had, which, as I said, makes us extremely proud of the collaboration!

With enormous care, our products are produced by hand and are 100% natural. To ensure you as a customer the best quality, all production phases are carefully monitored. We make sure to be on site when ordering or picking up our products and thus have the opportunity to trace your bottle back to the tree it came from.


Ethics and morals are a priority for us at MARAKESH.
Giving back is a principle we cherish most! Therefore, we make sure that as much as 5% of the profits for each product purchased go to charity. Together with your influence, charity projects are planned annually that will be characterized by your proposals. It is also a matter of course for us that the process is documented so that you can also be part of our journey!


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