"The Paradise Water"
100ml spray



(1 kundrecension)






What Is MARVKESH 100% Organic Rosewater?
MARVKESH’s 100% organic and pure Rosewater is a therapeutic beauty product
produced through a steam distillation of fresh rose petals, a process done by the Berber
women of Morocco. Used for centuries, this luxurious and mildly scented product is
considered one of the ancestors’ oldest beauty secrets.

The collected Rosewater contains rose oil and various water soluble ingredients that add to the full value of the final product. It does not contain any additives, preservatives or synthetic substances.
Amongst the most precious benefits of the rose water is its sebum regulating properties;
MARVKESH 100% organic Rosewater helps maintain sebum production within the
normal limits. Thanks to this, all skin types can benefit from the application of this
natural product. Other visible benefits include moisturizing the skin, reducing redness,
calming anti-inflammatory effect, and antioxidant properties due to its rich amount of
vitamin A and flavonoids.

What Is MARVKESH 100% Organic Rosewater Known For?
A well extracted organic Rosewater has the ability to transform your skin in many ways.
MARVKESH 100% organic Rosewater has nourishing and soothing properties that
makes it suitable for all skin types. The refreshing Rosewater will effectively balance the
skin’s PH and its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce irritation for an instant
calming effect. This organic spray is also rich in antibacterial properties that can work
effectively on acne, and acne-prone skin.

MARVKESH 100% organic Rosewater is an all-in-one safe product that can be
customized to use:

– Before & after the skincare routine.
– As a makeup setting spray.
– As a hair freshening mist.
– Sunbath soothing body mist.
– As an activating agent to powder based face masks.

How To Apply MARVKESH 100% Organic Rosewater?
Rosewater is suitable for all skin types; Combination, dry, oily, and normal. And works
wonders on all skin issues such as acne prone, inflamed & irritated skin, dehydration,
pigmentation, and sensitive skin.
Directions: Use a soft cotton pad to sweep over the face and neck, or spray directly
from the bottle morning, evening–or whenever you want a refresh.